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There's something very special about the quilting community, don't you agree? People help and encourage one another so much more than in other walks of life; friendships are formed as easily in the same town as across continents: language and background present no obstacles. So when we heard about Martina Latimer's #colourchallenge2020 initiative, we were keen to support her.


Martina explains

We want to connect with you around the globe and let the colours speak. We have so many talented and creative people supporting this industry. You buy patterns, you come to classes and now it's time to showcase YOU.

Martina is running her challenge in 9 countries and on 4 continents throughout 2020. Each country will have its own focus. Everyone who signs up gets a FREE copy of Martina’s gorgeous Contagious quilt pattern (below). You'll then have 2 months to make your own version and submit a photo for judging by some of the foremost designers and teachers from your country. Martina again

Tell us with your design what you have learned and teach us what we don’t know yet. This event is for free, offers a lot of fun, connecting with like minded people around the globe, encourages your creativity and teaches skills. There are great prizes to win and judges will have a look at your design - great quilting artists, designers and educators have agreed to take their time for your quilts. So, please give it your BEST and make them proud. 

Contagious Quilt - Martina Latimer

What are you waiting for? Head over to www.martinalatimer.com/colourchallenge2020 for more - you'll meet the judges and get a flavour of the prizes too. Full details from Martina when you sign up.

Here are a couple of ideas to help you get started. For the centres of the blocks, why not check out the colour combos in our Colour Picks for inspiration. When you've done that, you might find toning shades for the borders amongst our Pieces of Eight collections. Their shared warp means that they mix, match and tone effortlessly together. Just a thought...

Colour Picks Pieces of Eight collections

Whatever you do, join in the fun. After all, what's not to enjoy?

For more about Martina, go to martinalatimer.com or follow her @martinalatimer_quiltedworks 

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