Morning Tiger Quilt by Helen Howes

Have You Tried The Original 5-Stripe Tiger block?

If you loved our Tiger Tiger Table Mats, then we'd urge you to try the original version. It comes from Helen Howes, one of the most influential designers of the modern quilt movement and purveyor of some of our most-loved designs. Helen's Morning Tiger quilt beautifully illustrates her use of the 'four-cuts-five-pieces' block.

It's very easy to make and you can expand it as you wish to make a bigger quilt. In fact, the blocks are perfect for all sorts of projects - large and small.

Morning Tiger Quilt by Helen Howes  

The very antithesis of monochrome, Helen's Morning Tiger Quilt above is made using our Colourshotts and the pattern is FREE to download. It works equally well with other collections, such as our Autumns (below) and a host of other colourways, as you can see here. Helen also takes the concept a stage further, overlaying the Tiger block with her passion for trees, as in her Tiger of the Woods mini quilt.

Tiger Tiger using Autumn by Helen Howes   Tiger of the Woods Quilt by Helen Howes 

Meet the designer: Helen describes her fascination with fabric colour and texture and her need to create something that has ever made before by anyone else.

For more about Helen and her work go to

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  • Annice Rowswell

    Love the colours and design.

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