Lynn Carson Harris

Lynn lives in Michigan where she creates art, raises chickens and grows vegetables. Both of Lynn's parents grew up on farms and, like the little red hen in the children's story, she was taught to do things from scratch and to never let anything go to waste. Her thrifty upbringing led her to her current style of working with scraps and the desire to use “every last piece.” Her quilts have been juried into international shows and gallery exhibits and her work is in private collections around the world. She is the author of Every Last Piece and has also been published in quilting books and magazines.

Lipari Square

Images: Confusion, Lipari Square

"I create textile art using the techniques employed by past generations of my family to create utilitarian objects such as clothes and quilts. I connect the past to the present and honor the beauty and artistry of the handmade. My most recent work is a series of small scale abstract designs inspired by the experiences of someone I love and care about who is in an abusive relationship. My wish is that these pieces of art can help to prevent domestic abuse by increasing understanding and awareness of this pervasive problem.

Blue and Red
Summer Solstice

Images: Blue & Red, Summer Solstice

"While all of my pieces are original designs, I turn to the geometric patterns of antique quilts for inspiration. My art often evolves dramatically from the start to finish of a piece, and I find as much pleasure in the process as in the completed pieces.


Images: Eggshells, Lies

"In recent years I have been working smaller and smaller and have become known for my tiny piecing. Oakshott fabrics are my favorite to use when working small. The fabric is just the right weight and weave to hold shape and give a smooth finish. Solid fabrics give a more painterly approach to my work. Where prints will have a mood of their own, solids let the maker set the tone of the piece they are creating. The depth of the two color Oakshotts give my work an extra richness. I enjoy taking my time and relishing every moment of sewing with Oakshott. I love the way the colors change as I feed the fabric under my sewing machine. Sometimes I work on a curved piece project just to increase my sewing satisfaction."


Images: Suffer, Strength

You can see more of the quilts glimpsed here on Lynn's website, where you'll also learn more about her work and her teaching - go to Lynn Carson Harris and follow her @lynncarsonharris.

Sewing Liparis in curves
Lipari Square